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Bokum Tool Company, Inc.

For over 81 years, Bokum has been a full service manufacturing and engineering facility. Equipped with the most modern CNC technology, we have earned recognition as manufacturer of the finest tools available anywhere in the world.

We offer a solid background of experience and engineering in precision boring and recessing. Our proven and unique designs help customers produce superior parts at a competitive cost.

Based on your part, we will design a cutting tool that will consistently hold tolerance and provide the best finish. We offer Premium HSS, Brazed Carbide, Solid Carbide and Carbide Inserts appropriate for the material being cut. Quality Coatings can extend cutting tool life. Unique clearances and geometries, as well as maximum strength and rigidity, are designed into every Bokum Tool, setting us apart from other manufacturers. The end result is more parts per cutting edge,within specification.

Our Automatic Recessing Heads feature superior cam spiral actuation which reduces wear and maximizes repeatability. Standard replaceable parts are in stock and field serviceable. Our recessing units have detachable shanks, which allow them to be used in virtually any spindle configuration. In addition to our 29 standard units, we also develop and design "Special" Recessing Heads for unique machining applications such as OD grooving, and combined boring and recessing.

Allow us to review the job requirements, design a solution, and manufacture the tool to produce your quality product.

Anything less is not Bokum!

Bokum Tool Co, Inc.


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Bokum Tool

Bokum Tool
Bokum Tool